Math(I Don't Get THIS!!)

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*I totally need help with this one!Please help me.!

I'm going to assume your problem is this:

15√(8x^16) / 5√(2x^4)

You can start by simplifying what's outside the square root sign. 15/5 reduces to 3/1. We end up with this:

3√(8x^16) / √(2x^4)

You can also simplify √8:
√(4 * 2) = 2√2

Now we have:
3 * 2√(2x^16) / √(2x^4)

6√(2x^16) / √(2x^4)

You can also take the square root of x^16 and the square root of x^4, which is x^8 and x^2 respectively.

Now we have:
6x^8√2 / x^2√2

Reduce and you will have the final simplified form, which will be this:


I hope this is clear and will help.

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