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3. Page 213 #18 6,-5
4. Page 222 #24 4x+3=4
5. Page 223 #54 The y intercept is -4 and the line whose equation is 2x+5=8
6. Page 233 #24 Passing though(-2,-5)
7. Page 233 #52 Passing though (-4,2) and perpendicular to the line whose equation
8. Page 233 #54 Passing though (-1,3)and parallel to the line whose equation is 3x-2y-5=0

Tina--we don't have access to the texts you use. In fact we don't know which texts are being used. You need to post the problems. And please just one problem per post. While you are at it, please show tell us what you understand and what you don't understand about the problem We help do homework but we don't do homework.

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