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I'm sorry if this is irrevalent for this site, however, I couldn't find an active advice site.

As I'm about to be graduating high school, I've been worried about my future. As long as I remember, I have wanted to be a doctor. But I'm wondering if I have what it takes to become one, or if I am suited for that career path. My marks do keep up, I do care about people, and I want to heal people, however, I am very clumsy and forgetful, and I'm not very good with people or working under pressure. Could you please tell me whether I'm going down a right path, or if I should pick another one?

the best advice I have is to give it a shot. Before I went into college I thought i wanted to be a physical therapist. Im now a senior and know more than ever that i want to do nothing in my life more than physical therapy. the reason i became so confident in it is because I volunteered at so many different clinics and saw every thing that PT's went through and dealt with on a daily basis. now im suffering through the classes so i can do what i know i love.

if you know what you love, go for it. go to college and begin your basics, then whether anyone 'requires' you to or not, try to volunteer or shadow different types of doctors or clinicians. that will give you the best view of your answer. and if you change your mind, so be it. Its not like anyone in college has never changed their major! lol, best of luck!

I think if thet is what you like now how ahead and persue it and may be ones studying it you might like it more or less. MAny college students go in a change their majors more that one. I say go ahead with your plans and time will tell.

I agree with the other answers. Enroll in a pre-med program in college. You'll have the opportunity to discover how well you like the classwork. Along the way, you may find you'd prefer a different career in the health care field. And -- by all means, follow Matt's advice and volunteer in clinics and a hospital to get first hand knowledge about the duties of various medical personnel.

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