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is 2 physical? what's 3?

I didn't quite get that right. It should be extensive and intensive properties.

It is true that density is a physical property but I don't think that is 2. It is EITHER an intensive physical propery or an extensive physical property. Either intensive or extensive go in 2. When you know the definitions of those two words,as applied to chemistry and physics, you will know what goes in 3.

okay. i found the answear for number 2 it's intensive property, and for number 3 it's composition. Is this right

For 2 look up extrinsic and intrinsic properties. A description of those will tell you what goes in 3.

That's what I would answer.

Completion (Stuck on 2 & 3)

The ratio of the mass of an object to it's volume is its __1____. Density is an ___2___ property that depends only on the __3___ of a substance, not on the size if the sample.

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