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What slowed down the U.S. entrance into World War 1? I already have many Americans simply did not want to send their sons to war and pacifists urged the United States to set an example for peace. I need one more.

Your question presumes it should have been faster. I am most uncertain history can lay a solid argument for that. The US entered the war, it stalemated, and created the roots which lead to a second world war. The close of the war also greatly enhanced the progress of the Bolshevik revolution, which was not in the US interest.

This was the war to end all wars.

Your answer is pretty complete: Americans did not see the war as theirs, and had a strong bias to stay out of European affairs. There was a movement also to set the example by not expanding it further, but that is debatable. More debatable is the role of US industry (War industriers) in getting the US involved. A lot of them really wanted to sell war goods.

I agree with Bob Pursley. Here's a little more information.

"The reasons the United States got involved in the war are numerous and much-debated. In 1922, the US government created the Nye Committee to investigate the matter. The committee reported that between 1915 and April 1917, the US loaned Germany 27 million dollars ($27,000,000). In the same period, the US loaned Britain and its allies 2.3 billion dollars ($2,300,000,000), or about 85 times as much. They concluded that the US entered the war because it was in its commercial interest for Britain not to lose."



  • history- world war 1 entrance -


  • history- world war 1 entrance -

    What speeded it up?

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