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A 10.0-kg cylinder rolls without slipping on a rough surface. At the instant its center of amss has a speed of 10m/s, determine (a) the translational kinetic of its center of mass (b) the rotational kinetic energy about its center of mass and (c) its total kinetic energy.

can u check if this is the correct answer?

a) KE=.5Mv^2

B) KE=.25Mv^2

C) 250J+500J=750J

please tell me if that is correct ornot XD thanks

^please check that work i have shown above thanks

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    this is correct

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    wrong wrong wrong ..... you need to start reading before you try plugging numbers in like an accountant with a nearing deadline, son ........

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    According to my physics book with the answers in the back, this is correct.

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    why are you using .25 for b??

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    cyndi used 1/4 because of this:

    as you can see the radii cancel and the 1/2's multiply together to make 1/4

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