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I have to write a manuscript on an article. How do I do this. I looked online, and I found this " Each manuscript should contain a separate cover sheet with the manuscript title, the authors’ names, their degrees, affiliations and complete mailing addresses and phone numbers." The article does not have the author's degrees, affiliations and complete mailing addresses and phone numbers. Please someone give me an example for how to write a manuscript on a selected article. Say an article from a Newspaper or Magazine. How long should my manuscript be? How many pages? Does it have to be written or typed. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There are no magic numbers for pages or paragraphs in manuscripts. If you are really in the dark about this assignment (and I would be, too!), you should go back to your instructor and get clarification. No assignment should be this vague.


how do I do short divison in 4th grade

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