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bobpursley. i'm still questioning the problem states find the slope of any line perpendicualr to the line through points (3,3) and (2,8).
y= (8-3)/(2-3)

the slope i get is.

(5)/(-1) for the first slope now to get any line perpendicular to the line through the same points. My choices that i have are one of these but how do i get that answer.

(a) -5
(b) 5
(c) (1)/(4)
(D) (-(1)/(4))

Two perpendicular lines must have opposite reciprocal slopes, meaning you flip the fraction and change the sign. So the slope would be the reciprocal of -5, which is 1/5. I'm confused at what you said, though, because you can't have another line perpendicular to the first line and have it go through the same two points. Two points form one and only one line.

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