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Is "because" a subordinate conjunction?

Could you please give me a sentence in which I can identify the subordinate conjuntion. Is a subordinate clause introduced by a subordinate conjunctin?

Here is a site on subordinate conjunctions...


The rain falls whenever the wind blows from the west.

Because I have a test on Monday, I have to study tomorrow afternoon.

While Bobby played ball, I worked on the car.

Although he knew better, the little boy fed the cat his oatmeal.

So this would also be one

Ever since my birthday, I was always happy.

Yes. That sentence is o.k., but it would be better to say --
Since my birthday, I've been happy.

This site has examples of different kinds of conjunctions.

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You're right. Recite is a verb.

However -- TO RECITE is the infinitive form of the verb. Infinitives (to go, to eat, etc.) are used as other parts of the sentence. In your example, "TO RECITE the Pledge of Allegiance" is an adverb phrase, modifying STOOD.

This site discusses infinitives and other verbals.

Ms.Sue I red the site you gave before and one question was:

Roger stood up to recite the Pledge of Alligence

It said stood was the action verb, wouldn't recite be one also?

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