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If u left New Orleans 30 degrees N, 90 degrees W at 4:00 am on Friday Dec, 31, and traveled for 12hrs be4 arriving in Baku, azerbajjan 40 degrees N,30 degrees E at what time and on what day would u arrive in Baku?(show work)

1-if you live in los angles (PST) and wanted to watch the start of a football game that began in Miami at 3:00 pm EST what time would you have to turn on the T.V set?
2-If you had an important business meeting in New York that began at 9:00 and it took one hour to get to the meeting from the airport and five hours to fly from Seattle to NewYork, what time would you need to borad an airplane leaving Seattle?
3-If it is 10:00 pm Feb. 14th in Denver, Colorado which is near 105 degrees W longitude, what time is it in Kobe, Jaban which is near 135 degrees E longitude?

Please use this map (or a similar one) to find your answers.

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