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Which would be permitted under the
establishment clause of the First

1. A public elementary school inviting
a local pastor to visit each morning
to open the day with a prayer in the
gym for any students who wish to
2. Public high school students
voluntarily holding a prayer
group meeting in a classroom
at the end of the school day.
3. Distributing a daily devotional
to public school students for
them to read silently to themselves.

Wouldn't number 2 be permitted?

To me, 1 & 2 would work. Because they aren't forcing it on anyone. it's all volunteer. Sorry I'm not much help.

Can I get another opinion?

Would you give me your opinion on this
Thank you!

The first is not allowed because it excludes other pastors and other groups. The second is allowed if it is voluntary.

You're right. The second is permitted. Students can hold voluntary prayers sessions before or after school hours.

what is a amendment

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