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Belinda, Math

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I aked the instructor about that problem that looked like this:


and he said that what i thought was right. which was :

the answer:w^2-(1)/(2)w+(1)/(6)

Yes, that's right. I just thought your way of getting the answer was more complicated than it could have been.

With the placement of the parentheses in your answer I can't tell what you have, but I can tell you for sure that what Belinda wrote yesterday; i.e.,
[(w-1)/4]2 =
(w2 -2w +1)/16 is correct. That answer may be modified somewhat by certain arithmetic procedures but squaring w-1 MUST give, at least as a first step, w2 -2w +1.

see dr.bob222
then why did the instructor say that this was wrong about
w2 -2w +1

he said it had to be:

w squared and negative one half w plus one over sixteen.

We aren't working the same problem. And the reason for that is that you didn't use parentheses correctly. You are working this problem.


Written as you should have written it is

That give you
w2 - 0.5w + 1/16 which agrees with your previous answer and the teacher's answer.

I worked this one


which gives the answer I posted yesterday.
(w2 -2w + 1)/16

I hope this clears things up.

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