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Directions: find the following squares.


I have no idea how to even start.

First, FOIL the numerator and then square the denominator. Let me know what you get.


is this what you mean?

No :) Your numerator is w-1. Your denominator is 4. You want to square both. To square (w-1) you have to FOIL it. FOIL stands for First, Outer, Inner, Last. So, set it up like this:


After doing that you know that 4 squared is 16 so your answer will be whatever you got when you squared (w-1) over 16. Let me know what you get now.

so by having (w-1)(w-1)
it would be:


so then i have to combine like terms


No again, sorry. When you are multiplying two binomials, FOILing involves multiplying.

In (w-1)(w-1), the two w's are First. The Outer numbers are the very first w and the last -1. The Inner numbers are the two numbers in the center of everything; the first -1 and the second w. The Last numbers are the numbers at the end of the parentheses, so -1 and -1.

The F is for First. So, you multiply the first two terms in each set of parentheses, so here, you multiply w times w. Now you have w^2.

Then, multiply the O, or Outer. So, multiply w times -1 to get -w. So far we have w^2-w.

Then, do the I, or Inner. Multiply the inner -1 by the inner w, so you get -w. So far, we have w^2-w-w. The two like-terms, the w's can be combined so we now have w^2-2w.

Lastly, do the L, or Last. Multiply the -1 by the -1 to get +1. So, finally, our numerator is w^2-2w+1. And our denominator is 16. Do you get it or should I try to explain it differently?

I don't get it what 2 i'm getting confused is there another way of understanding this if its not a problem for you. i am very dumb when it comes to comprehending math.

oops i see what i you mean now....

so it would be:


and nothing can be done beyond this.


It's gotta be (w^2-2w+1)/16, make sure you have the 2!

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