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Density of Gas at STP

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Can anyone explain how to calculate the density in g l -1 of a gaseous oxide at STP.

I don't understand the term g l -1 !!

Thank You

"g l-1" should have the -1 as a superscript, meaning g l^-1, or g/l. It means they want the density in grams per liter. There are 22.4 liters per mole for any gas at STP, except for some minor deviations for non-ideal gases. Divide the molecular weight, which is the number of grams per mole, by 22.4 liters/mole.

In terms of the dimensions,
(grams/mole)/(liters/mole) = (grams/liter)

Thank you very much...understand the question now :-)

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    2NH4NO3=2N2+4H2O+O2 calculate the volume of gas realesed at STP if 320g of ammonium nitrate is used

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