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This one really threw me off...

find the slope of the line containing the points

(x, 2x) and (x + h, 2(x +h))

You have to first find the slope, which is change in y over change in x:

i don't have an anwser but i need help with my algebra graphing problems i don't know how anything works and i don't have a lot of time but i just need to know how to find a t chart and solve the equation for y-2x=-2 so please and yeah if it takes 24 hours online homework help sucks hard

Well, I'm kind of confused by your question, but to get a t-chart, hit "STAT". Then hit "Edit". L1 are your x-values and L2 are your y-values. To graph y-2x=-2, first rearrange the equation to y alone:
y=2x-2. Then press the "Y=" button on your calculator and type it in. Then press "Graph".

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