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AP Chem - to Dr. Bob

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I don't understand how to even start this problem:

A mixture of H2(g), O2(g), and 2 mL of H2O is present in a 0.5 L rigid container at 25 degrees Celsius. The number of moles of H2 and the number of moles of O2 are equal. The total pressure is 1146 mmHg. Vapor pressure of water at 25 degrees Celsius is 24 mmHg. The mixture is sparked and H2 and O2 react until one reactant is completely missing.
1) Identify the reactant remaining and calculate the number of moles of the reactant.
2) Calculate the total pressure in the container at the conclusion of the reaction if the final temperature is 90 degrees Celsius. The equilibrium pressure of water at 90 degrees Celsius is 526 mmHg.
3) Calculate the number of moles of water present as vapor in the container at 90 degrees Celsius.

Partially answered at the original post.

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