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math for belinda to help me please

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2.GCF of m^2n^2+3m

Oh haha ignore the new question. For the first one, set it up:
(x )(x )
Now, think of two numbers that are multiplied to 14. They have to either both be positive or both be negative to get positive 14. They also must be able to add up to 9. Let me know what you get.

For the second one, what is the largest chunk you can remove from that expression? Basically, what do m^2n^2 and 3m have in common?

1.Can you please help me?I don't get this one and I have to get off in 2 minutes...plz

#2 is correct. For the first one, the numbers are -7 and -2 because they multiply to positive 14 and add up to -9.

thanks for everything please come on tommmorrw at 4 or 5 thanks....

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