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One can run from big problems but can seldom hide for long. Samantha Sweeting tried just that. When Samantha found out she had just lost her client 50 million pounds, from an overdue case sitting on her desk she was in a state of sheer panic. Samantha couldn’t face the world and decided to run away. Running away seemed like a good idea at the time. It gave her the time to clear her head, and be around people who had no idea about her past life.

i need to talk about running away from problems in an english isu and refrence to my book the undomestic goddess. that is what i have as an intro but i don't really no where to go next i need help!!!!

I. Introduction, incl thesis statement
II. What she was running from, in detail
III. Where she ran, and how it was different from what she left behind
IV. What happened to make it all catch up to her; why she couldn't outrun the problems
V. Conclusion

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