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Aluminum oxide is formed from the reaction of metallic aluminum with oxygen gas. How many moles of Aluminum are needed to form 3.4 moles of Aluminum oxide?

Writr the equation and balance it.
4Al + 3O2 ==> 2Al2O3

The equation tells you that 4 mols Al are needed to form 2 mols Al2O3. So 2 mols Al will be needed to form 1 mol Al2O3 or 8 mols Al will be needed to form 4 mols Al2O3. Do you see how many mols Al will be needed to form 3.4 mols Al2O3?

looks to me the above chemical equation is balanced. There are 4moles Al on each side and 6 moles O on each side. I may be wrong. Dr. Bob, am I correct?

Yes, the equation is balanced. I wrote it and balanced it.

Sorry I don't.

Sorry I don't.

6.8 mols?

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    is there an answer for this question already becuz some of the responses have me confused

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    6.8 mols

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