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for spanish class my teacher asked me to find a translation of the poem Declaracion by Uva A. Clavijo...except i don't know were to find it so if anyone could help that would be great.

you can go on spanish web sites

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you can find the poem Declaración, I'll be glad to translate it for you but searching for an hour, I couldn't even find it online!

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    I, I left Cuba still a girl,
    I have exactly
    half of my life in exile,
    I have a husband with his own business,
    two daughters born in the United States,
    a house in the suburbs
    (mortgaged to the roof)
    And I do not know how many credit cards.
    I, who speak the English almost without accent,
    that I love Walt Whitman
    and until I begin to endure the winter,
    I declare, today last Monday of September,
    that as soon as I can leave everything
    and return to Cuba.

    I further declare that I will not take
    revenge on anyone,
    nor recover property,
    nor, like many, that is why I
    bathe in Varadero.

    I will return, simply
    because I am
    owed to Cuba.

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