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One number is 6 more than another number and their sum is 2.

How would i make that an equation thought.

for example if the question was,
Jane spent $42.00 for shoes. This was $14 less than twice what she spent for a blouse. How much was the blouse?

the equation would be,

42= 14 + 2x

what would the equation be for

One number is 6 more than another number and their sum is 2.

Your question has been anwered twice, once each by two different people.

Ok your equations are...


So making a verbal statement of this you could say...

Bob went to the Quickie Mart to buy a hot dog. He has a coupon for a discount on the hot dog. The regular price for the hot dog is $6. If the sum of the price with the discount and the discount (negative) is $2, then what is the price withe the discount and what is the discount (as a negative number)?

How do I figure: 2.3 is 33 percent of what number?

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