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What is a PC?

"PC" can stand for several things. In our society right now, the most common references are these:

Politically correct

Personal computer

I'm sure there are plenty of others!!


One thing it stands for is personal computer. But I'm sure there are others. For years I have heard PC used to distinguish between the "IBM" type computers and those made by Macintosh (I probably spelled that wrong). Now it refers to any brand that isn't a Mac.

PC can also be "privileged communication"

i have heard that PC has been used for those things. The first meaning to evolve was the meaning Politically correct. It can mean many other things too. For example, i have a friend whose intials are PC his name is Patrick Cannon. Another example is the personal computer which is used to store many things and is hooked up to a monitor

think of other cost or incomes that could be include in your model , and write 3 variables that could be added to improve the model

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