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thanks for any help with these translations into scientific notation:

1. magnesium ribbion is dropped into an
aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid

2. a solid peice of copper is burned in
pure oxygen

3. zinc carbonate is strongly heated in a crucible

4. calcium chloride is mixed with silver nitrate in an aqueous solution

5. chlorine gas is passed over solid potassium bromide

6. magnesium sulfate pentahydrate is heated strongly in an evaporating dish.

Mg + HCl ==> MgCl2 + H2

Cu + O2 ==> Cu2O

ZnCO3 ==> ZnO + CO2

CaCl2 + AgNO3 ==> AgCl + Ca(NO3)2

Cl2 + KBr ==> Br2 + KCl

MgSO4*5H2O + heat==>MgSO4 + H2O

I haven't balanced any of these. You need to learn general types of reactions so you know what products will be formed.

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