early childhood education--need help!!

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I need help with this question.

Mr. White is having circle time with
his first grade class. He is discussing
the "th" blend and what words can be
made by using this sound. He notices that after about five minutes, Mike is getting restless and not staying in
his spot.This is irritating several boys in the group who begin poking at him.Mike has developmental delays. Mr. White must do something to get the lesson under control. Which would be the best solution to the problem?

A. He should ask the boys who are poking
Mike to apologize and send them to a
thinking spot until they can control

B. He should ask Mike to come forward
and ask him to write down the next
word the class suggests for the
"th" sound.

C. He should move Mike away from the
other boys and allow him to choose
a new spot in the group.

D. He should give the children who are
not fidgeting praise for sitting
appropriately, hoping that Mike
will want to receive the positive
reinforcement and settle down.

Would "B" be an appropriate solution to
the problem? I know with Mike having
develpmental delays you would want him
to feel good about himself. Please give me some input here. Thank you!!

I think B is probably correct.


I agree. I am not certain what "developmental delays" means, it sounds like a politically correct term for something we have dealt with a long time.

Dont eat your sisters cupcake...But Mom, Its OK, I am developmentally delayed. :)

I think B. because it would make the feel better if he wanted to do it to make him self feel better

I also think B is correct.

I would pick "D" because the positive praise toward the other children would probably be enough motivation to get him to change his behavior. The answer "B" is questionable because if child has a language delay or is very shy, he or she would be put in a position for failure or ridicule. It would definitely depend on the child.

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