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I am given 4 choices for the problem the square root of 8x -2 = the square root of 2x. The choices are a)x=2 or 2/9 b)no solutions c)2/9 or d)x=2.I have imput the numbers and gotten a variety of solutions none of which are any of the choices, does this mean there are no solutions or am I doing this wrong?

square both sides.

64x^2 -32x + 4=2x
64x^2 -30x + 4=0

quadratic formula:

30 +- sqrt (900 -4*64*4) /128

so clearly the problem has a solution. So is the solution real?
sqrt (900 - 1024) = sqrt (-124)
No, the solutions are not real.

Real numbers are in a, c, d. So they are wrong. b if it said NO REAL Solutions would be correct, but it says no solutions, so...
There are no correct answers .

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