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I know that this hwk help forum has a policy not to give answers, therefore I will share what I know and I ask you tell me what you think.


I searched through many resourses and most say that Fredericton is not effected by the moderating effect. Is this correct? This is what I am troubled with. I also read that north N.B is effected by the modersting effect but not the sout. Is this correct? I am very confused as to how the modersting effect of water applies to the lone city of Fredericton. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Based on what I can find and the links below, I would say the water has minimal effect on the climate in Fredericton . I think being N. B. is classified as a semi-continental climate, it suggests some small amount of moderation from the surrounding water may be apparent at Fredericton. Like so many things, it is shades of grey and not black and white.

Southern New Brunswick is close to the relatively warm Bay of Fundy, and eastern New Brunswick is close to the even warmer Northumberland Strait. This proximity moderates the temperatures there. Why the Northumberland Strait is so warm has to to with ocean ocurrents, and that is a long story.

Parts of northern New Brunswick are also close to water, particularly Bathurst on Chaleur Bay.

Fredericton is in the middle of new Brunswick, too far from saltwater to have much of a moderating effect.

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