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1. The efficiency of a squeaky pulley system is 73 percent. The pulleys are used to raise a mass to a certain height. What force is exerted on the machine if a rope is pulled 18.0 m in order to raise a 58 kg mass a height of 3.0 m?

So to find the force exerted do I just do 58*3*0.73/18 = 7.06 kg ????

2. A person lifts a 950 N box by pushing it up an incline. If the person exerts a force of 350 N along the incline, what is the mechanical advantage of the incline?

What do I do to solve this?

1. No. Force is not in kg, it is Newtons.

WorkdoneOnGravity= 58*g*3
Workdone by person= Force*18

Workdonebyperson*.73= workdone on gravity.

2. The definition MA:
Ma= force output/forceinput= 950/350

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