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how do i solve this equation? there is another answer other than 0, but i am not sure how to get it.
5x^2 + 7x =0

factor the term:

x(5x+7)=0 Either term can be zero. You found the x=0, what value of x makes 5x+7 zero?

Factor it to this form:
x (5x + 7) = 0
There will be a solution when either factor is zero. Once solutuion is x = 0, and the other occurs when 5x +7 = 0. That solution is x = -7/5

i just don't get it. how did you get -7/5? zero times anything is zero, so x can be zero. so, what it that thing about what value of x makes 5x+7 zero? what do i do after i factor it to x(5x+7)=0?

oooohh... i get it. x(5x+7)=0. so either x is 0, or (5x+7) is 0, so x is -7/5 right? thanks!


If abc = 0, then a, b, or c can be zero to make a solution.

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    The answers are 0 and -7/5. These are the only solutions that satisfy the equation. Thanks

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