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In an ionic compound, what is the net ionic charge?

and what compound does an -ide ending generally indicate?

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    which of the following consists of molecules but is not a compound? helium, nitrogen, sodium, water

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    11. You throw a ball to a fellow human (in a vacuum). Which of the following is true? (Mark all that apply.)

    The horizontal distance covered by the ball each second is the same
    The vertical distance covered by the ball each second is the same
    The total distance covered by the ball each second is the same
    The horizontal velocity changes throughout the flight
    The vertical velocity changes throughout the flight
    The total velocity changes throughout the flight
    The horizontal acceleration is zero
    The vertical acceleration is zero
    the total acceleration is zero
    At some point in the flight the ball is motionless
    At some point in the flight the vertical velocity is zero
    At some point in the flight the horizontal velocity is zero

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    sugar solutions is

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    Consider the reaction.


    At equilibrium, the concentrations of the different species are as follows.

    [NH3] = 0.105 M
    [N2] = 1.1 M
    [H2] = 1.50 M

    What is the equilibrium constant for the reaction at this temperature?

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    Yes the cake is a lie

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    But the real question is, is it still there? Is the cake made? Glados isn't a very nice person, but i'm sure she at least made the cake incase things went her way.

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