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. in one of the periodic publications of the country, whose language is studied, you read article about the liquidation of zoos in the large cities. You converse with your friends: 1) describe to them about that read, say, what the title of article was; 2) express your opinion on this theme, indicating arguments za; 3) inquire by the opinion of your comrades apropos of that read by

. present to itself that you participate in the international conference on questions of environmental protection. Inform participants o: 1) the problems, caused by environmental pollution in the india; 2) inquire, as these problems they manage in other countries; 3) ' the importance of environmental protection

Prince, sounds like an interesting assignment. After you write your essay, we will be pleased to help you with the proofreading and will make suggestions as to how you can improve it. I would suggest using google "India, environmental protection", and 'India, environmental" pollution" to research those topics. Let us know if you need further suggestions.

The Zoo Situation has many questions that have different answers for each zoo. Many could not expand to accommodate the greater understanding about the need for space of many species to act normal. Many cities could not afford to keep their zoos open. Some zoos conditions were so bad for the animals, that they preserved the animals by relocating them. This is a rich and varied subject, Have fun :)

  • topics wrting in english -

    the kicthen is messy!

  • topics wrting in english -

    the kicthen is very messy!

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