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How do you write chemical formulas? For example how so you right a chemical formula for calcium fuoride?

Calcium flouride would be CaF2

This is because ..

Calcium symbol - Ca
Flourine symbol - F

you would write CaF

BUT you must consider charges

calcium has a 2+ charge
and Flourine has a 1- charge.

The charges criss-cross and so the 2 charge goes on the F and the 1 charge goes on the Ca. Since 1 can be assumed we don't write it.

Your final answer would be CaF2

is the two a subscript


A good response. It might be worth noting that the charges do criss-cross but the sign of the charge is ignored. For example, for sodium oxide, the charge on Na is +1 and the charge on oxygen is -2; therefore, the formula is Na2O (not Na-2O with the 2 being a subscript, Na2O. We DON'T write it as Na-2O. It is SO MUCH trouble, however, to write the subscripts, we just assume everyone knows Na2O is Na2O. Thanks for using Jiskha.

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