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I have a series of questions:
The mass of 2.00 moles of Sodium chloride is how many grams? Can you please ahow me how you got your answer?
How do you write chemical formulas? For example how so you right a chemical formula for calcium fuoride?

For your first question ...
grams = moles x molar mass

the molar mass can be found underneath each element on your periodic table. When there's multiple elements you just add each molar mass.

So with sodium chloride, you have Na[sodium] which has a molar mass of 22.989 and Cl[chlorine] which has a molar mas of 35.45. They both add up to 58.44

Now simply multiple this number by 2 mols. You should get 116.878 grams.

Once you practice it a couple times it becomes easier and easier. Hope I helped!

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