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how would you draw a chemical bond representation for: NH4 plus 1
thanks for your help:)

It is almost impossible to draw Lewis electron dot structures for ANY molecule or ion on these boards BUT here is a try.


Here's hoping it turns out ok.

Almost. Replace the top : and the bottom : with ..

Let me know if that isn't ok and I will try again.

that isnt ok, do u mind if u try again thanks:)

never mind i get it u put brackets...then an N in the middle with 4 H's on each side and two dots around each side of the N..thx again for ur help but it also says circle the cordinate covalent bond which would that be?

which 1 is coordinate covalent bond?

Actually, ANY of the N-H bonds can be the coordinate covalent bond. See, NH3 starts out
:N - H

THEN a bare hydrogen ion (a H atom stripped of its one electron) adds to the two free (the unpaired set of electrons on N) electrons. That, then, is the coordinate covalent bond since both of the electrons were donated by N and none by H. HOWEVER, after the bond is formed, all of the electrons are moving around, all the electrons look alike, and no ONE bond is the coordinate covalent one. If the question specifically asks you to circle the coordinate covalent bond, I would draw it as above, showing the NH3 with its two unpaired electrons, then below that add the H^+ (hydrogen ion), then circle that pair of electrons. It's the addition of the H^+ that gives the NH4^+ its 1+ charge since NH3 was neutral at the start.

ok so your saying don't draw what i said before? and jus to put what u said now? with the parantheese and plus 1 outside of it

ok. I simply can't draw it but I'll try to explain how to do it.
Na+ will be the Na ion. You need two of them.(The Na symbol stands for the nucleus and all of the electrons EXCEPT the outside one, which of course is not there in the ion).

O= will be the oxide ion.

Together that makes the Na2O ionic compound.


I didn't understand your other post.

We never forget about you. But it takes time to type all this stuff in, there are other students asking other questions and that takes time, plus all of us are volunteers. If you need a question answered within the next few minutes, this is not the place to ask. We try to get around to a qeuestion within an hour or so but there is no guarantee. Sometimes the expert who can best answer the question isn't signed on. And on and on into the night. Good luck to you.

Ok...ill explain it once more how do you draw out a ionic representation of says i need charges, brackets and valence electrons..this is my final question n im exhausted so if u could help me real quick that would be great sorry if im a lil cranky ive had a bad day because im havin family problems and there hard to deal with right now

WHy cant u type it out i need so much help?

These boards aren't made for art work. Just write down the Na^+ and another Na^+ and the O^-2 ion and you will have it. Its much simpler than the NH4^+ ion.

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