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is esther reed a hero. if so give 6 reasons if not give 6 reasons

What do you think?.....

What do you think?.....

sorry to be short :)~ but if you let people know what you think, then they can better assist you in understanding and not just giving you an answer :)

Esther Reed was an American Revolutionary War patriot who led other women in supporting the cause of independence..I'd say whether she was a hero or not is kind of your opinion, but that seems pretty heroic to me...I imagine you have a book, right? All you have to do is look her up and see what things she's done which you think make her a hero, or that don't.

ok that doesn't help! um like i know what she did but i need one more reason why she is a hero. here are the ones i have already
Raised money for troops

Sewed shirts for troops

Worked and did not get paid

Was called daughter of liberty

Encouraged other women to support the troops

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