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Could someone give me a sample introduction to a question such as, Why did everyone hate Julius Caeser so much in Shakespeare's Julius Caeser?

If this is the question, you introduction might cite evidence within the story that indicates this hatred, even before the assination. Doing this might even make you aware of answers yourself.

I hope this helps. If not, repost with further questions. Thanks for asking.

By english teacher told me there was like a main reason why. Something to do with politics ect. Can you point that out if you know?

You might also question the question! Are you sure "everyone" hated JC in that play?


Well the essay topic was why people hated him. I don't think my teacher would want me changing the whole question. He wanted point why people hated him. Do you know of any political reasons at the time?


This article gives a good bio of JC; be sure to read the section called Fall of the First Triumvirate.



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