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Directions:Multiply (-1/2)(-3/8)

mY ANSWER : .1875 Now how do i turn this into a fraction.

numerator multiplied: 3
denominator multiplied 16


How do you get to that answer because not every single one would be multiplied by the numerator 3. Can you explain to me how to change a decimal to a fraction.

Actually, your problem started when you converted 1/2 to a decimal and multiplied by 3/8 converted to a decimal. Do it as Bob Pursely has suggested like this.
-1/2 x -3/8.
Multiply the two top numbers together. That is -1 x -3 = +3
Now multiply the two bottom numbers together. That is
2 x 8 = 16.
So the answer is 3/16. Now you don't have the problem of converting a decimal to a fraction.

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