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I'm not understanding so the answer should read as follows and steps:

15x^4y^9 divided by 3x^2y^2 = 5x^2y^7

Can you check this one for me.

Direction. Simplify each of the following expressions where possible.

6x^2y^3+9x^2y^3 divided by 3x^2y^2

My answer:

15x^4y^6 divided by 3x^2y^2 =5x^2y^4

There is a + sign in the numerator. You may not add x2 to x2 and get x4. Multiply, yes, not add. Likewise, y3</suo>times y3 is y6 but the sum is not that.

My answer was garbled because I didn't use the superscripts right.

use liner combinations to solve the liner system

v - w = -5
v + 2w = 4

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