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What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? Which businesses would these changes impact the most?

I think that human activities are having harmful and large-scale effects on the environment. Scientific and engineering research is also playing an increasing role in both understanding and protecting the environment. Research has demonstrated the importance of the environment to human health and well-being as well as the economic, social, and aesthetic harm that can stem from poor environmental practices. Research has suggested ways to curb harmful practices without incurring excessive costs. For example, scientific and engineering research has provided cost-effective ways to reduce the pollution in air and water in the United States; has demonstrated the importance of areas, such as wetlands, that were once considered of little value to human societies; and has helped to preserve natural ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. The businesses that I think would be affected the most would be the refineries, factories, and chemical warehouses and plants.

A few thoughts on the subject.

The biggest two impactors are the crude oil cycle, the mining of it, the refining, the uses and, the wastes. The other is the neuclear fuel cycle.

Agriculture and then, fishing would be next, then housing....

The mining and refining of oil is getting cleaner and safer(with a long way to go). The uses are so many that specific cases of polution or clenliness are needed. The "Throw away" culture has been responsable for the huge trash filled canyons (Landfills) where so many of the products from oil are buried.

The neuclear cycle is a collection of these conditions. Constantly spreading radioactive dust at the mining site. All the equipment used in the mining and refining becomes ever more radioactive. The electricity production is smaller than the energy spent in aquiring and producing the fuel rods. The operation of the "Neuclear power plants" causes the equipment and the building surrounding it ot become radioactive and, brittle. The "fuel" is refined again after use in the power plant into neuclear bombs, depleted uranium weapons and "waste" all of these materials are highly damaging to the environment. The solution here is to stop the large scale uses of neuclear materials except for thier uses in space, medicine and agriculture.

Agriculture is, today, a petrolium intensive activity.The fuel and tires for the tractors, the fertalizer, the pesticides, the processing, the storage and the transportation. We need to replace all the petrolium materials in this process and, the modalities of production, which are currently destroying the topsoil.

Fishing with the huge factory ships ahd thier miles long nets is a very destructive practice. Limits on fishing methods and farming fish are two of the aproaches to providing the market with enough fish and, reducing the impact we are having on the oceans.

Housing in the suburb style is highly inefficent and destroys farmland. clusters of appartments/condomoniuns cleverly worked into (or under) the terrain while avoiding the farm and wetlands is what most smaller countries do Look at Denmark or Switzerland.

I like what you have so far :)

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    What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? Which businesses would these changes impact the most?

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