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There is a patient whose height is 5ft. 4 inches and weight is about 165 lbs. This person needs to have 0.8 mg of medication per kg body weight. How much of medication should this person have?

First convert the pounds to kilograms. There are approximately 2.2 pounds per kilogram. Can you take it from there?

Convert 165 lbs to kg. There are 2.20 lbs in 1 kg. Check that conversion factor; I may not have remembered it right. Then 0.8 mg medication in 1 kg, there will be ?? mg medication in xx kg. Post your work if you get stuck.

Does height factor into the answer?


The doctor takes hight/weight ratio into account when perscribing the dosage. Most medications come with a total body fat chart for adjusting dosages. At the nursing level, the dosage simply needs to be calculated and administerd.

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