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Math (Geometry)

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Hello everybody, I have been presented with a geometry task. Here is the exact description of the task.

"You work for a construction company. One of the clients wants the company to build a 16 food by 20 dance floor. They want the floor to be a moaic pattern made up of congruent triangles. Your boss wants you to design the floor and determine the cost. You spoke with the client, and they agreed to let you use a few quadrilaterals in addition to the congruent triangles. However, they want the triangles to be at least 50% of the design, they want at least 30 congruent triangles with at least two differently shaped triangles, and they don't want the largest dimensions of any quadrilateral to be more than 3 feet by 3 feet."

I plan on using graph paper to complete this task. Any suggestions on what I should do?

how to draw the shapes

At least half of the dance floor (160 square feet) need to be triangles. They have to have two different shapes (equilateral, isosceles or right), but the sizes do not need to be the same.

The quadrilaterals can be squares, rectangles, trapezoids or parallelograms.

It sounds like you have a chance to be creative here. One option is to try one repeated shape in the center, with other shapes in layers on the periphery. Good luck.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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