French Pen Pal?

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Do you know of any sites where I would be able to make a French pen pal?
Preferably one my own age (14).
My teacher told us to try to get one as homework to help us with our fluency.

search google

I have tried doing that but all I get is people looking for internet weddings :S

Have your mom discuss this with your teacher or principal. For you at 14 to do this online is very dangerous, as many penpal schemes online are fronts for prostitution and child endangerment. It is difficult for me to believe your teacher intended you to do this as an assignment. As a parent, I would be visiting the school principal immediately.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is what I used to use for my students and hopefully they are still available:

However, as you have already been advised, it is best to work through your French teacher.


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