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Logic (quick yes or no question)

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quick yes or no question

Is the sun the center of the universe or the earth the center?

Neither. The sun is the center of the solar system.

Each individual point can be considered the center of the observable universe.

The wrote answer of course is no, neither are the center of the universe. The sun lies at nearly the center of the solar system, but some distance out from the galactic center.

yes because the planets orbit around the sun

Why?? what proof is there that states the sun is the center of the solar system?? how do we know this??

You have asked a yes or no question. The correct answer is NO. Neither eirth nor sun are the center of the universe, as BobPursley has already stated

It is one of the locii for all local other words, it's in the middle.

There is no observable middle the answer is NO

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