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the unit price of an item at a grocery store is a familiar example of a unit rate. find the unit price of each box of cereal. a. $3.95 for a 20oz. b.$4.29 for a 24 oz. c.$2.25 for a 12 oz.

Divide the price by the weight in ounces for the unit rate. For example,
For a 20 oz box, unit rate = $3.95/20 = 19.75 cents per oz

24775.5685 246776.65788 4789598.25858
and 20 over 8

112 passengers for 8 minutes

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    how do you find the unit rate/3candybar for 1.00

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    12 cents for 20 bead

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    What is the unit rate of 24 and42?

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    9/4 pages over 3/4 hours

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    500 word in 250

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