dividing monomials

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i don't know what to do when their is a smaller number on top

Give an example and tell us what you don't understand.



i just don't get it do u have some examples?

What is X squred minus 5X plus 4 divided by X minus 1


(-z)6/(-z)3 is it postive or negative answer?

i'm so confused on how to answer:
s-3(negative 3rd power)t15(negative 5th power) / (divided by) (s2t3)-1(multiplied by a negative power to the first)


i understand how to divide easy monomial problems, like: 4(to the 12th power) x 4(to the 2nd power) = 4(to the 10th power). i also understand how to divide negative powers. but, wut i don't understand is how you divide a problem like this:
} 4c(-2nd power)d / b(-2nd power)c(3rd power)d(-1st power) } .all to the 0 power.

this is confusing. i don't get how to do this. help me.

I'm learning how to divide by monomials in my freshman high school class and we just learned that if everything is to the power of zero, then the whole problem equals 1 no matter what!

Im completley lost


c^0/c^-3 (c to the zero power devided by c to the negative three power)

Im a Sophomore and retarted at math... help me please...

-52x to the 3rd y to the 2nd and z divided by 13xy to the 2nd don't get it

  • dividing monomials -

    i need to no how to divide a monomails witha power to a power

  • dividing monomials -

    (g2h)3 x g-2h4)-6

  • addition of monomials -

    -27 bc 85 bc -30 bc

  • dividing monomials -

    x/4 a monomial

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