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I don't even know where to start with this.

Please analyze the role of norms in the international system. Choose one international norm that has been promoted by an international organization and on the basis of real world examples analyze whether or not this norm has changed state behavior. In your assignment, please be sure to:
o Define the norm and briefly address how the international organization has contributed to promoting it
o Briefly address the reason for the creation of the norm
o Analyze how the norm has (or should) change state behavior in theory
o Provide examples that show whether or not the norm has in reality changed state behavior in reality
o Summarize your overall assessment of the usefulness of this norm.
o I realize this is a very open-ended and abstract assignment, so just do your best!

Examples of norms include: the UN’s norm against genocide, the Geneva Convention (i.e. the treatment of prisoner’s of war, universal women’s rights, universal human rights, the nuclear and chemical weapons taboo, the norm against the use of landmines, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, etc.

This is something you need to do yourself. You can pick a norm that interests you from the ones that are suggested or choose another one. Then do a search with the Key words, "United Nations," plus your particular topic. Use the information you find to fulfill the requirements of your assignment.

I hope this gives you the start you need. Thanks for asking.

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