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this is what u do on your first problem....first u take out the greatest common factor that would go into all of them...

4n^ what number will go into all of them...well 4 will...4 will go into 4,20,and
it would be like this..4(n^2-5n+6)...then theirs one more step...4(n-2)(n-3)

4x^2-22x+10 would be...2(2x^2-11x+5)...then u factor again...2(2x-1)(x-5)

1/2x^2-1/2would be 1/2(x^2-1)...then u factor again...1/2(x+1)(x-1)





Thanks in advance.

On each, take out the common factor

2(2x²-11x+ 5)
1/2 (x²-1)

Now you should be able to factor the inside.

Thanks, but that's where I get stuck. I thought like for the first one that you have to multipy two numbers together to get 12 and they have to add to -10. I can't think of 2 numbers, or am I just doing it wrong?

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