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Hello! I am a new teacher and was wondering what great websites I can go on to find free worksheets, bulletin board themes, etc. for pre-k! I know it's not homework, but it just seems that there isnt a lot of good websites (well, that I cant find! ;)) Thanks a lot!!!!

Depending on the grade level and subject area(s) you teach, there are many, many sources out there. Here are a few to start with:



(Broken Link Removed)
This is for language arts; there are links for other subject areas in the long yellow oval.


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Unfortunately, you were not specific on the subject area and you can not say this is a dearth of material! Hopefully, I have not repeated anything and this is only SOME of what is available.

(Math, Reading, Themes, etc.)

(Broken Link Removed)


(Printable worksheets)


(Some of these you have to join and become a member.)


(Broken Link Removed)

(Broken Link Removed)





(Broken Link Removed)











I would suggest you cut and paste so you don't miscopy anything.

HOW CAN YOU FIND MATH ON LINE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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