I Have To Write A 2 page Essay---HELP PLZ!!!

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I have to write down all the factors in
my early life that have influenced the
way I developed. Then I have to use those factors in an essay. What factors
besides hereditary factors and enviromental factors, can I list?

Can you suggest maybe a way to begin my essay?


Please remember these things:

1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it faster for each teacher to find those questions in his/her areas. An even better subject heading would be more specific – such as FACTORING, SHAKESPEARE, PRONOUNS, CIVIL WAR.

2. Please include in your post the answer or response you have come up with so far. Teachers will not want to give you suggestions only to be told that you have already included those. Please be specific about what you've already decided to include; then someone will be able to give you effective feedback.



you could start:
I was made with eyes, hair and so forth.

And i have to use my vocab words

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