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I'm not sure how to solve these problems.


(3xsquare - 2x)divided by 15x - 10


(2y/x-y) - 5x/4y


(27/x) = (8 - 5/x)


(7m^7n^4/8m) divided by (9m^2n^9/5n^2)

1) 3x^2 - 2x/ 15x - 10

factorize both the numerator and denominator

x(3x-2)/ 5(3x-2)
= x/5 (the 3x-2 cancel each other

2) 2y(4y)-5x(x-y) / 4y(x-y)

The x-y cancel each other

8y^2 - 5x / 4y

4y goes in 8y^2 2 times

so the answer is
2y - 5x


but i know that the 9m^2... part is gonna be multiplied to the 7m^7 part


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