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Hi all. It seems that I've run into a problem while starting to write a research paper for my drugs and behavior class. You see we were given an outline to follow and we had to choose any drug related topic. So I'm doing mine on cocaine and the problem I'm having is that I know I'm not supposed to use a string of quotes when writing a research paper, but none of the research that I've gathered is common knowledge and I can't think of a way to interject commentary so that the sources aren't "writing the paper for me". I've taken all the time neccessary to gather up this information and now I don't know how to use it. BTW maybe letting you know how the outline looks will help:

I. Intro

II. HIstory of drug use; Legal and cultural issues

III. Estimated use; Trends, and in what populations

IV. General characteristics, effects, short and long term (include tolerance, psychological and physical dependence)

V. Treatment

Thank You.

Rather than using extensive quotes, use your own words. First you need to try to understand what the sources are saying. Then translate these concepts into your own words. Using extensive quotes does not indicate that you understand what is being said. However, rephrasing the material in your own words requires an understanding. Even so, if some short statement is extremely apt, it can be used as a quote.

However, remember to give credit to the original sources for their ideas.

Your outline looks good, but you might want some type of conclusion or summary.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

why are we given homework assignments

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